by Christie Brogan {2.28.17} Back in August we featured a blog post providing some insight into “how” a ceremony and reception actually happen in the same venue space.  At both of our venues, 128 South and Bakery 105, we host both ceremony and reception on average 70% of the time. Meaning, it’s a popular option.… Read More

“Giving Away The Bride” is a custom steeped in hundreds, if not thousands, of years of tradition.  Thankfully gone are the days of daughters exchanged as “property” to form family and financial alliances. These days it’s more like dad turning over a piece of his heart to the man standing at the other end of… Read More

Tuesday wedding, you say?  Break with tradition?  Heresy? We disagree.  Let’s face it, weddings are wrought with tradition and pageantry. Couples often feel compelled to abide by the “rules” and norms. But the truth is…the day is for you and your “soon-to-be”. So, how do you figure out if hosting your wedding on a non-traditional… Read More

So…Wilmington was Voted #1 “Best American Riverfront” by USA Today and received a recent nod as one of the “12 Unexpectedly Perfect Cities to Get Married In“. Are we surprised? Nope, not even a little bit. One of our favorite things about the fair city we are fortunate enough to call home is the picturesque… Read More

Here’s our Five Favorites for Friday…a little inspiration and eye-candy from our “real” 128 South weddings! #1 Robins Egg Blue and Gold (need we say more) #2 Directional Signs (takes the guess work out for guests) #3 Summer Buds (we love this arrangement) #4  Lounge Area (an entirely different feel for the day) #5 Wine… Read More