Tuesday wedding, you say?  Break with tradition?  Heresy? We disagree.  Let’s face it, weddings are wrought with tradition and pageantry. Couples often feel compelled to abide by the “rules” and norms. But the truth is…the day is for you and your “soon-to-be”.

So, how do you figure out if hosting your wedding on a non-traditional day is right for you?  Simple. Ask yourself what’s “most important”? Is having a guest list of 200+ a “necessity”? Is hiring the favorite caterer or a professional event designer a “must-have”? Could a Friday or Sunday work for your friends and family to make for an extra-long getaway out of the weekend?

Breaking with tradition and selecting an alternate day (say…a Thursday or a Monday) for your wedding has some real benefits:
1. Cost Savings – Both in the way of the venue costs and the “goods and services” of your other event professionals…you can often receive discounted pricing without sacrificing the quality or quantity.
2. More Options to Choose From – when it comes to selecting your photographer, cake baker, florist, or event designer (read: other event professionals) you will be able to really pick and choose based on what you want…not just who’s available.
3. Dollars Well Spent – here’s where the magic happens, the dollars saved on the venue and other professional services can be “well spent”…in effect, the budget just “grew”. Now, that professional event designer or the pricier beef tenderloin that were on the list of “wants” can become a reality.
3. Vacation Weekend – a little more specific for the destination wedding bride, it’s not terribly difficult to coax friends and loved ones into making a mini-vacation or long weekend out of the celebration.

Just this week, we hosted the ceremony and reception for one such “breaking-with-tradition-thinking-outside-the-box-renegade” couple. Our Thursday afternoon bride and groom hand-picked the guest list (an intimate 44 total) reflecting a collection of friends and family most dear to the pair. The custom dinner menu created for our bride and her beau included some of their favorite things: roasted lamb, southern-style shrimp and grits, and a French-Fry Bar.  The design, planning and details for the big day were handled by the talented group of ladies at Kickstand Events.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: 128 South
Catering: 128 South Events & Catering
Event Design and Planning:  Kickstand Events

Our guess?  In a few years, no one will even remember the wedding took place on a lovely Thursday evening in May.  And, at the end of the day…it was a truly special day.