Operations Team:
Our General Manager, J. Rueger Houck, and Operations Manager, Pablo Velazquez, oversee all aspects of the business including: administration, logistics, event staffing, ordering, event setup, event management, and whatever else might need to get done. The most important task on their list, however, is always the successful and seamless event execution for each of our Clients' corporate, bridal or social functions. Sound easy? Trust us when we say, these guys have very full plates completing the not-so-glamorous, but absolutely necessary tasks required to execute a wedding ceremony and reception from beginning to end.

Operations team 128 South/Bakery 105

L-Pablo-Velazquez & R-Rueger-Houck

Event Sales Managers, Katie Swain and Chere VelazqueZ

L-Katie Swain, R-Chere Velazquez

Event Sales Managers:
These talented ladies are the "go-to-gals" for our clients needs. On any given day, you can find our Event Sales Managers responding to new client inquiries, guiding venue tours, responding to emails, or helping our client's make the numerous decisions related to the venue, floor plan/setup, catering selections, etc. Of course, both ladies can be contracted as a Day-Of Coordinator for an event, but that's just a small part of what they do. Chere and Katie certainly have their hands on the "pulse" of the events. Million-dollar smiles aside, what you will find about our team is a seriously proficient, veteran crew of event day problem-solvers who work to ensure our clients events are seamless successes.

Culinary Team:
Since the inception of 128 South and Bakery 105, providing an exceptional culinary experience has been a big focus for our company. (Read: We love great food!) Finding the right team to execute our Client's menus on a level that exceeds expectations is no easy task. As you might imagine, the Culinary Team, Executive Chef John DeSarno and Sous Chef Charlie Rizzo, are responsible for the preparation and execution of all dining-related items for each and every one of our company's events. They help brainstorm custom menu requests and ensure the dining experience for our events - whether bridal, social, or corporate - leaves our guests more than pleased.

Culinary Team, John DeSarno and Charlie Rizzo

L- John DeSarno, R- Charlie Rizzo