“Giving Away The Bride” is a custom steeped in hundreds, if not thousands, of years of tradition.  Thankfully gone are the days of daughters exchanged as “property” to form family and financial alliances. These days it’s more like dad turning over a piece of his heart to the man standing at the other end of the aisle. It serves as a physical ritual acknowledging her family’s approval of her “Mr.” And, no matter what “kind” of dad he may be the rest of the year, dad’s can’t help but feel the tug on his heartstrings when it comes to the wedding day.

As we celebrate our dads this Sunday, we want to highlight the special role they play on the wedding day. Take a minute to give “dear old dad” a hug and a kiss…remind him that although your husband-to-be loves you and will take good care of you, dad will be the original keeper of your heart.  #HappyFathersDay