IMG_2547With the 4th of July just 10 days away, plans for the big holiday are on everyone’s mind . One of our favorite things about the downtown Wilmington community is our annual “big city” fireworks show hosted by the City of Wilmington. As you might imagine, this time of year brings a spike in “out-of-towners” to our riverfront and beach communities. (We’re not bragging, but we sure do have the best of both worlds.) And, it’s easy to understand why our little corner of the world is so attractive with a decidedly relaxed lifestyle. (Don’t be surprised to see professionals sporting flip flops and shorts during the warmer months.)

Friday night in downtown Wilmington offers a free concert in Riverfront Park (Of course, there are other concert options in Airlie Gardens and Mayfaire Town Center if you want a taste of more than just the historic downtown area.)  Speaking of taste, there is a wealth of locally owned eateries boasting a selection of food and pricing options to accommodate everyone’s taste and budget. (Our personal faves include The Copper PennyThe Fork n Cork, Rx, and Manna…just to name a few.) Saturday morning offers the Riverfront Farmer’s Market from 8am to 1pm.  This curbside market features local farmers, producers, artists and crafters. Saturday afternoon might include a trek to the the Castle Street Arts & Antiques District just a few short blocks away from the hub of the central business district in Downtown Wilmington.  And, on the way there you can enjoy one of the largest and most beautifully preserved historic districts in the country.  (How about that for American pride?) All of these options are without leaving Downtown Wilmington…(You can save that for Sunday.)

For the 4th of July evening activities, we just can’t pass up the opportunity to shamelessly plug our 4th Annual 4th of July Deck Party.  For those of you who have not joined us in years past, here’s what you can expect…

4th tableFood: A delicious BBQ spread, a collection of Sweet Treats, and the “Kid’s Corner” with kid-friendly food options. (Trust us, you won’t leave hungry…)
Beverages: Cold Iced Tea, Lemonade, and…of course, an assortment of “adult” offerings.
Entertainment: Live music from local favorites Fred Flynn and Wes Sayer!
Accommodations: The 128 South venue offers both an indoor (air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning) area as well as the outdoor Riverview Deck with sweeping views of the USS North Carolina, the Cape Fear River, and the 4th of July Fireworks show (did we mention it’s the best seat downtown?)
Bathrooms: We know this should probably be included with the other accommodations, but we felt it deserved acknowledgement on it’s own. (Every parent knows what a bonus this one is with little ones.)
Fireworks:  Did we mention the spectacular views of the fireworks show from the 128 South Riverview Deck?Fireworks_Riverfest
Pricing: It’s as all-inclusive as we can make it!  All of the above is included in the per person price as well as sales tax and service charge.  (The only caveat is the mixed drinks which are available for purchase – Cash or Credit Card accepted)


The specific details and pricing can be found on the Registration page ( of our website where you can both register and purchase your group’s tickets.  There are  a limited number of tickets sold and they must be purchased in advance!  4th Wilmington Streets

So, rather than fighting the crowds, the heat, rumbling bellies and lines for public bathrooms…join us for the 128 South 4th of July Deck Party.  With the 4th of July falling on a Saturday this year, we anticipate it will be a particularly festive holiday weekend!