Summer is here and, no surprise to anyone, the temperatures have spiked.  Thanks to flexible travel schedules, school breaks, and Paid Time Off, the summer months also bring lots of weddings. Here are few tips to keep the summer wedding experience…cool:

For the drinks, think two words…simple and refreshing.  Our favorites for a summer soiree?

1. The Paloma The Paloma(left) – a delightful twist on the traditional margarita includes tequila, grapefruit soda and rock salt.

2. The ShandyThe Shandy (right) a combination of beer and lemonade over ice.





…or here are a few other delightful cocktail options.

For the guests…tents and fans.  Whether you like the aesthetic of a tent or not, your guests will certainly appreciate the 15 degrees temperature difference.  128S Riverview Deck(Free Advise: The clear roof tent is not a good option for the warmer months.  As beautiful as they might be…the clear tent acts as “a greenhouse” which is not a great guest experience.)

If you’re not mounting fans in the tent, a great go-to wedding favor is the handheld fan. It can always serve a dual purpose of ceremony program and keeping your guests cool.

Butterfly Fan
(We love this butterfly fan for a garden-inspired wedding.)

And, the last one might seem especially obvious…timing. Simply stated, avoid the heat of the day, especially for locations exposed to the elements. (This rule of thumb really should apply to most summer events, unless of course, a waterslide is involved.)
Sunset Riverview Deck




With a little thought and planning, the warmer summer temperatures need not impact your enjoyment of the day.