by Christie A. Brogan {3.30.17} The hip bone is connected to the leg bone…the leg bone is connected to the knee bone…the knee bone is connected to the… Everyone remembers the grade school sing-a-long song that helped us understand how all the body parts are connected. Well, the same goes for planning your wedding day.… Read More

We are crushing on this DIY “success”!  When one of our very own Event Coordinators tied the knot this spring, the paper flower wall was one of our favorite decor features.  As anyone who has endeavored into the “seemingly-easy-but-half-way-through-with-glue-in-places-it-should-never-be” project knows…craft projects can be tricky.  This paper flower wall, however, is not one of those… Read More

Hello, Escort Cards!  Whether we have Pinterest or the recovering economy to thank for the resurgence of Escort Cards on the wedding day “must-have” list…they have certainly made a comeback as part of the de ri·gueur wedding. (Here’s one for the scrabble junkies out there…de ri-gueur adjective \də-(ˌ)rē-ˈgər\ : necessary if you want to be fashionable,… Read More

Spring 2014 was definitely late arriving to the party! But, now that “Spring has finally Sprung” we are both excited and inspired!  So, what happens when you combine the talented designs of the Kickstand Events team with the supreme “pho-tog” skills of Theo Milo Photography? Simple…a beautifully, blooming, bridal, styled-shoot set in picturesque Wilmington, North… Read More

It happened!  He popped the question.  You said ‘yes’.  You are engaged.  Now what? Well, unless you are one of the fortunate few who has dear old Dad’s Black AMEX and no islands to buy…there is some legwork to be done. First things first…set a reasonable budget.  Gather information about who and how much  will… Read More