When you have a interesting collection of “loves” in your life…how do you incorporate them into the decor?  Carefully.  The decor for this rehearsal dinner included all the “loves” in the groom’s life…his bride-to-be, cars, and dogs.  Could this collection have gone badly?  (Read:  Checkered Flags work for a kid’s birthday party, but not a rehearsal dinner.) Certainly, but not in this case.

Key Chain Escort Cards –> Luxury Car Table Names (instead of numbers) –> Photos of the Bride & Groom –> “I Love My Dog” Frame and Photos of Fido –> Table Linens in Soft Grey –>  Summer-Inspired Flowers

The linen and flower colors tie together the different pieces of the puzzle.  The soft grey linens make for a slightly more masculine base pallet.  The flower colors of white and yellow are repeated in the “Seating” board as well as the homemade sign with the bride and groom’s names hung among a collage of photos over the head table.  All in all, this is a decor success with some wonderful personal touches and Pinterest-inspired DIY projects making the decor not only well-balanced, but also fun and cost-effective.  So, what decor ideas are you trying to tie together?