by Christie A. Brogan {3.30.17}

The hip bone is connected to the leg bone…the leg bone is connected to the knee bone…the knee bone is connected to the…

Everyone remembers the grade school sing-a-long song that helped us understand how all the body parts are connected. Well, the same goes for planning your wedding day. It’s ALL connected. Especially when it comes to the floor plan. Not to give any of you “type-A-already-a-little-overwhelmed” couples anxiety, but it’s true. Each decision you make will impact at least a handful, but often a number of other decisions.

128 South Floor Plan

You start with an empty venue and the basics…guest seating tables, cake table, food service tables, bar, and the gift table. Check. Then you add the dance floor and a decision about whether its going to be a DJ or Band (see our 3.10.17 post).

Check. Check. Now for the Pinterest Board of ideas: cocktail tables, photo booth, lounge seating, yard games, etc.


Suddenly, the room somehow shrinks. Or better yet…it all fits, but there’s no longer room for the people. That’s kind of a problem.

That’s when it’s time to lean on the professionals. Each venue functions differently. Our venues, for example, have a team of event coordinators and operations staff who are very familiar with what works on a floor plan and what might present some challenges. With their experience and expertise, they can provide suggestions for how to make it all fit and still allow for comfortable flow. In other cases, the venue will have little input to provide. (Read: They hand over the keys with instructions not to break anything.) Couples who find themselves in that situation should consider hiring a wedding planner who is familiar with the venue and can provide suggestions for layout.  (Truth is, when hiring a planner, creating the floor plan is one of the services they will provide.)

At the end of the day, ensuring a good flow to your floor plan is the goal.


Next week…When it “gels”.


Christie Brogan {Co-Owner & Partner – 128 South and Bakery 105 in Wilmington, NC. Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Wedding Geek, Writer, Business Innovator, Idea Maker, Boot Camp Betty, Yoga Nut, Animal Lover, Avid Reader}