Summer is here and, no surprise to anyone, the temperatures have spiked.  Thanks to flexible travel schedules, school breaks, and Paid Time Off, the summer months also bring lots of weddings. Here are few tips to keep the summer wedding experience…cool: For the drinks, think two words…simple and refreshing.  Our favorites for a summer soiree?… Read More

According to Emily Post, RSVP comes from the French, it is short for “Répondez, s’il vous plaît,” or, “Please reply.” In today’s “social-media-text-messaging-instant-response” culture, the meaning and importance of the RSVP has clearly fallen by the wayside.  It has become something of a “lost art” like cursive handwriting or love letters. In the business of… Read More

In honor of #NationalDonutDay, we would like to offer some scrumptious bridal inspiration for all of the “donut-loving-brides-and-grooms-to-be”. Take a cue from our “think-outside-the-box” B&G and include a “His” and “Hers” option for desert to satisfy any guests’ sweet tooth.  Add a custom cake topper and mini-milk cartons for some confection perfection. After all, why… Read More

Tuesday wedding, you say?  Break with tradition?  Heresy? We disagree.  Let’s face it, weddings are wrought with tradition and pageantry. Couples often feel compelled to abide by the “rules” and norms. But the truth is…the day is for you and your “soon-to-be”. So, how do you figure out if hosting your wedding on a non-traditional… Read More

In this week’s post, we are taking a serious look at the “maintenance and recovery” required to sustain a weekend full of destination wedding festivities. After all, the painful reality (yes…the pun was intentional) is that heavy consumption of adult beverages calls for solutions that really work. On a recent first-hand venture into the destination… Read More