When it comes to guys and weddings, there is definitely an under-fulfilled niche in the market. Whatever the reason for the industry miss, I can tell you from a wedding pro POV there is a growing trend of groom involvement in the wedding planning experience.  In short, we are seeing a swift exit of the… Read More

It’s 2016 and you got…what’s that word?  Oh right, engaged!  Now that the Christmas decor is all boxed up and you have shaken the glitter confetti from your New Year’s Eve dress, the real fun begins.  (At this point we would like to offer one very important free piece of advice as you endeavor into… Read More

So…Wilmington was Voted #1 “Best American Riverfront” by USA Today and received a recent nod as one of the “12 Unexpectedly Perfect Cities to Get Married In“. Are we surprised? Nope, not even a little bit. One of our favorite things about the fair city we are fortunate enough to call home is the picturesque… Read More