After a few years and a few hundred weddings, we have seen our fair share of ceremonies.  2014-05-16_14.48.55 What do we love about this 128 South “Real” May ceremony?  Everything.  Our couple opted for two sections of semi-circle rows providing seats for 100 guests under the shade of a tent.  (At the conclusion of the ceremony, the guests enjoyed cocktail hour inside while our 128 South staff transitioned the deck area for dinner.)May 2013 012w

It’s true the brides today are under constant pressure to make their weddings “memorable.”  Often they go to great lengths and costs to ensure their guests experience.  Although no wedding guest would scoff at a mid-reception chair massage or a personal silhouette cameo, we think some of the lasting memories are hiding in plain sight. A simple reconfiguration of ceremony seating or a inventive favor can be that lasting memory. featured “7 Seriously Creative Ceremony Seating Ideas”.  What we love most about these options are the intimate and purposeful inclusion of your guests in your ceremony.  For example, the Spiral Ceremony Seating (ideally suited for a ceremony with a small guest list and minimal attendants) allows for the bride to walk “the aisle” past each and every guest.  And, while there is certainly nothing wrong with the traditional “church-row” style, you will create a lasting memory for your guests with a non-traditional ceremony seating arrangement.

A few words of warning…1. these non-traditional seating options may not agree with the physical space available for the ceremony. (Don’t get frustrated with your planner if they plainly say “it won’t fit”.  Instead, seek their expertise and have them suggest an alternative.) and 2. make sure it makes sense. (Meaning the spiral seating option is not a good idea for a 150 guest count…that outside row will end up a looong way away from the actual ceremony which may make for the wrong kind of memorable.)