by: Christie A. Brogan {11.2.17}

If you pick up any bridal magazine or peruse any wedding planning website, you will find a dozen or more wedding planning timelines…each based on a 12 month (sometimes 18 month) planning cycle.

And, where there’s nothing wrong with taking a year or longer to plan your wedding, I am here to tell you it can be done in less. (In fact, I have been known to say a wedding can be planned in six weeks.) But for the sake of making this a realistic goal (read: you have not planned hundreds of weddings…this is in fact your first – and hopefully, only one), we will set the timeline for 4-6 months. Can it be done? Absolutely.

So, grab the Post-Engagement Checklist. Why? Setting a solid foundation will make for a smooth planning process.  Set your budget. Set an estimated headcount. Decide on a style or theme. And, then the fun stuff. Using a 6-Month Wedding Planner like this one from, you get a step-by-step approach to managing the same tasks in less time.

Of course, there are Pros and Cons to the shorter planning timeline…

  • There’s less time to change your mind again and again. Trust me when I say the longer the planning timeline, the more likely you will be to second guess your choices.
  • You will need to remain open-minded and flexible because your first choice may not always be an option.
  • Shorter planning period can sometimes mean a smaller budget especially if you are paying for the wedding yourselves.
  • You will have to ask for help, but you may also be surprised how happy everyone is to lend a hand.

No matter the length of time you take to plan your wedding, remember this…it should be FUN! Enjoy it.

Personally, I will be undertaking this 6-month wedding planning “challenge” for my own wedding scheduled for April 2018. (We are signing the venue contract today.) And, just so you don’t think I have an unfair advantage…I’ll be planning the wedding far away from the comfort of our wedding venues and community of wedding pros in Wilmington. Stay tuned for the updates.


Christie Brogan {Co-Founder & Partner – 128 South and Bakery 105 in Wilmington, NC. Founder of SocietyWed (#societywed) , Entrepreneur, Small Business Mentor, Event Planner, Wedding Geek, Writer, Business Innovator, Idea Maker, Boot Camp Betty, Yoga Nut, Animal Lover, Avid Reader}