In the world we live in today, you would have to be hiding under a rock to miss the growing conversation about how our everyday human activities are impacting the environment. Every effort each of us makes to do our part for the environment adds up to a real positive impact in the long run. So, what does that mean for you and me? Simple. Make extra efforts everyday to be kinder to Mother Earth. For those of you getting married, your environmental awareness can include your wedding planning and honeymoon. (More on green wedding planning another day). Here are four eco-friendly honeymoon ideas to kick off your new marriage with the environment in mind…


An ecolodge is a type of tourist accommodation designed to have the least possible impact on the natural environment. When on the hunt for the perfect honeymoon locale, know that there are lots of ecolodge options out there to choose from! If you are looking for something tropical, branch out to Costa Rica-Lapa Rios Ecolodge and get away to this exotic ecotourist spot with your new hubby. Lapa Rios lies in Central America’s last standing lowland dense tropical rainforest at the southernmost point of the Osa Peninsula. There are extravagant bungalows with breathtaking views over the ocean and rainforest you and your spouse will remember forever. This ecolodge supports the local community, education and conservation in various ways. Lapa Rios is Costa Rica’s first ecolodge to receive a 5 Leaf rating for sustainable tourism and offers endless activities, tours, and wildlife to experience. Honeymooners are even invited to plant a tree in the rain forest to symbolize their ever-growing love and commemorate their stay.

Eco-Conscious Cruise

Believe it or not the cruise industry is trying to transform how cruises treat our oceans and environments. Leading that charge is Virgin Voyages. Booking a  cruise with Virgin Voyages for your honeymoon means you can rest easy knowing they work to cut down on environmental impacts, create responsible supply chains, support thriving local economies and act as a leading role in protecting and restoring the ocean’s health. They actively re-purpose ocean plastic and even use up-cycled materials in their retail collection with healthy skin care products like reef-safe sunscreen! (Check that one off The List of items to pack for a cruise. ) You and your new spouse can kick back and relax on board after the wedding hustle knowing that you are putting your best eco-friendly foot forward at sea.

Eco-Friendly Luxury Spa

Maybe all you and your new spouse have the energy for after busy wedding planning is being pampered. There is nothing wrong with that! There are countless eco-friendly spas out there that use sustainable practices. Enjoy massages with organic essential oils and lotions, hot springs baths, organic manicures and pedicures and food that is not only delicious but reduces our carbon footprint here on earth. Located all over the country and world, many spas are moving towards transforming their practices, even to the extent of having their building be LEED certified.

National Parks

Lastly, if you truly are looking for an organic way to have a romantic honeymoon for two, nothing says romance like pitching a tent in the great outdoors. With tons of National Parks to choose from across the country, you and your new spouse have opportunities to experience gorgeous scenery and landscape. Check out Yosemite National park if you are big into hiking, as the park offers numerous trails for all levels of hikers. Be sure to pack accordingly for a camping trip, with the proper attire, bedding and utensils for cooking with limited appliances. This simple honeymoon is a beautiful way to kick off your marriage and bond without distractions from the outside world!

While it might seem like a small step, if every couple kept the environment in mind when booking a honeymoon, the world would see a difference. These are just a few of many sustainable honeymoon ideas, feel free to research your own and help work to protect our oceans and environment!