In this final installment of our #NestForTwo series, we asked the talented ladies at Pomp how to tackle the “Kung Fu Art of Compromise” or…how to merge two design styles into your new abode. (Hint: You may have had to exercise these “compromise muscles” while planning the big day.)

Rebecca Dawson, Co-Owner of Pomp Event Furnishings and Just Perfect! provides some newlywed inspired insight on how to make the new “nest” work for the both of you…

“The merging of households can be a bit tricky, but marriage is all about compromise, right? Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you navigate the waters successfully:
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Something Old

Something OldWork with what you’ve got! A great first step is to pull out everything that you both have and take an inventory of items. Identify unnecessary overlaps and don’t forget to account for new items you received as gifts from the wedding. Sit down together and make joint decisions about pieces that overlap. Keep what’s necessary and sell or donate the others. One thing to keep in mind when making these decisions is that it’s okay to mix things up. Just because you keep his bed doesn’t mean that you have to use the entire matching bedroom set. Treat this merging of households as an opportunity to create a space that is a reflection of both of you, bringing your two styles and treasured items together under one roof.

Something NewSomething New

This is the fun part! Talk about any gaps in your inventory list from step 1: “something old” and figure out what you’re missing or what needs to be replaced or updated. When thinking about buying something new, it’s a good idea to choose an item that’s going to get a lot of use or have a prominent place in your home. Buy a new sofa, a dining table or bedroom furniture. Use some of the money you got from the wedding to purchase a quality item that is built to last. This experience can be really fun and make both of you feel like you’ve contributed something to your new home together. What was once “yours” will feel like “ours”. When making a big purchase, we always recommend staying neutral and classic. Trends will come and go, so don’t get talked into anything that’s very “in” right now or really bold. As much as we love it now, mid-century modern, mixed metals and the color of the year, marsala, won’t be on trend forever. You want your new piece to last through the years. When you buy a great, classic piece, you’ll be able to update it as styles change by simply changing out the pillows, accent pieces or artwork. Just like the little black dress in your closet, a classic slipcovered sofa or clean lined solid wood dining table will never go out of style.

Something BorrowedSomething Borrowed

This is the step that helps transform a house into home. When you got married, you brought together two families. Pay tribute to this union by inheriting or borrowing some pieces from each of your families. It may be a family heirloom that you can display or a piece of furniture you can use. A very simple, way to display something borrowed is to hang old family photos from each side of the family or maybe display both parents’ wedding photo alongside yours.

Something BlueSomething Blue
The last one may show a little bit of bias on my part, but I absolutely love blue! In this, I am apparently not alone, because blue is historically the world’s favorite color. It works wonderfully in all parts of Wilmington because we are, of course, a coastal town. Whether it’s a new coat of paint on the walls, a fun toss pillow or luxurious bedding, tie in the colors of the ocean. Psychologically, blue represents intelligence, communication, trust and calm. Variety is paramount when thinking about blue, and there’s a tone for everyone. From deep, stormy navy, through teal and aqua, up to a lighter sky blue it is such a versatile color. Since blue is known to promote calmness and relaxation, it is great to use in bedrooms and living areas.”

Rebecca Dawson

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