Many changes happen in your life when you and your significant other become engaged. On top of wedding planning, you will have engagement parties and showers to plan, friends and family will seemingly come out of the woodwork to invite you both to every upcoming party, holiday, graduation, birthday and every other event under the sun to share their happiness with you.

However, many couples have even more to plan than just coordinating their schedules and picking out tuxedos or gowns – some also have to find their first home together, too. For couples who are about to be roommates and spouses for the first time, one way to help furnish and decorate your new house, apartment or condo is to use items on your registry to get your dream home. Here are a few tips for registry items that will make your first home a beautiful (and functional) one!

  1. Kitchenaid Mixer

Ordering takeout or opening an app to pick out every meal is convenient and delicious, but the cost quickly adds up, especially when dinner is for two every night. Many couples learn how to cook when they live together as a bonding experience, a health initiative or a cost-cutting measure, and one way to encourage you two to cook together is to register for a Kitchenaid Mixer. They can be used to make everything from pizza dough to whipped cream, and come in a variety of colors.

  1. Professional photo prints

While wedding photos typically take a few months to be professionally edited and sent back to each couple, and this may leave some newlyweds without any great photos together for their new home. To get some of your favorite photos of the two of you professionally printed for your first home together, create a multi-store registration and include a photography or printing site like Shutterfly to get professional-quality prints of some of your favorite photos.

  1. Bath Towels

If you and your spouse-to-be have never lived together, you each have bathroom towels, and chances are, they are not in great shape. A set of luxurious registry items that will last you years are high quality bath towels. If you are feeling lost for which towels will be the best fit for you and your soon to be spouse, check out this 2018 towel guide here.

  1. Crowdfund for Furniture

Many couples have a different idea of what is aesthetically pleasing in terms of interior design. Before you two move in together, you should check out showrooms to see what you both like, and then you can use a crowdfunding site like Honeyfund, which some couples use to crowdfund their honeymoon in lieu of gifts, for a way that guests can purchase one item in a set or part of a piece of furniture. This works especially well if you and your spouse want to redo a room in your new home because you can pick by room, like furniture for a living room or family room.

  1. New Bedding

Lastly, if you and your fiance have never lived together, you probably have very different setups for your current bedding and equally different ideas of what qualifies as good bedding. There are many things for you two to consider when furnishing your bedroom – and even just your bed, such as bed size, pillow firmness, quilt vs. duvet vs. comforter, how many throw pillows is really too many and so much more. When you move in together, another thing you should pick out together and register for is new bedding that fits both of your wants and needs. For a comprehensive list of bedding suggestions and registry tips, check out this article.