We all know wedding day preparation is a detailed process and sometimes in the midst of all those details it’s the bride who forgets to prepare herself. Behind the “first look” and perfect aisle walk are hours (sometimes days) of self-care and preparation. Every bride has her own way of anticipating the wedding day, but when it comes to preparedness, there is one common goal…to look and feel your absolute best. Here are a few worthwhile investments that will help make your Big Day picture perfect:

1. Comfortable Shoes:

For the brides who hate wearing heels, try a ballet slipper.  If you can’t pass on wearing heels – it is your wedding day after all – know that you will eventually want to take them off. So, keep a comfortable pair of shoes with you and slip them on once you are ready to dance the night away with NO pain.

2. A Good Bra:

Honestly, this one is so important! Nothing is worse than walking down the aisle, taking photos or dancing in a bra that is uncomfortable, scratchy, or digging into your sides. Really, this rule of thumb goes for ALL of your wedding day undergarments. Remember, you want your dress to look and feel beautiful without an undergarment that is taking away from it. Invest in a bra that feels like skin and makes your dress look even better. (Note: All of your undergarments should be purchased and worn during your dress fittings for the best results.)

3. Facial Moisturizer:

Before your glamification process (read: lots more makeup than you usually wear), prepare your skin with a facial or hydrating moisturizer to avoid dryness and even out your skin. A great moisturizer acts as a barrier between your skin’s pores and your makeup, while still giving your face the fresh glow it needs for a youthful appearance in photos as well!

4. A Hair Treatment Mask:

The week before your wedding day, use a treatment like this one to bring the utmost shine and moisture to your locks! On the day of your ceremony, heated hair tools used to curl or straighten your hair in the creation of the perfect hair-do can take a toll. A hair mask can help block the heat and lessen damage and breakage.

5. A Signature Scent:

Finding a scent that completes your bridal look can definitely make a big difference in the way you feel. Forever, when you smell the scent, you will be reminded of the day you walked down the aisle. A Signature Scent will complete the feel of elegant and beautiful.

Inspire other brides to feel their best by sharing what item was the “difference maker” on your wedding day!