In part three of our series, we are introducing the Operations Team.  Comprised of our General Manager and Operations Manager, these two oversee all aspects of the business including: administration, logistics, event staffing, ordering, event setup, event management, and whatever else might need to get done. The most important task on their list, however, is always the successful and seamless event execution for each of our Clients’ corporate, bridal or social functions. Sound easy? Trust us when we say, these guys have very full plates completing the not-so-glamorous, but absolutely necessary tasks required to execute a wedding ceremony and reception from beginning to end. (Try doing as many as six of them in a week during the high season and you start to understand.)

Without further ado, meet our Operations Team….

Left: Pablo Velazquez - Operations Mgr  Right: Rueger Houck - General Mgr.

Left: Pablo Velazquez – Operations Mgr.
Right: Rueger Houck – General Mgr.

About General Mgr, Rueger Houck:
I have been working at 128 South since the Spring of 2012 when I started there working events as staff.  By the end of the year I had become the Operations Manager and am now the General Manager.  As a General Manager I see to the day to day business duties that need to be taken care of.  I do still get to work events just not all of them.  If asked what I do, I always say, “I am in the business of providing unforgettable memories”.  It’s the truth.

Left: Pablo Velazquez - Operations Manager; Right: Rueger Houck - General Manager

Look who’s the funny guy!

About Ops Mgr, Pablo Velazquez:
I have been with 128 South and Bakery 105 for almost a year now. I was hired to take over as Operations Manager and had some pretty big shoes to fill! I am still learning new things every day. I am in charge of all ordering, inventory, event set up, event break down, and staffing.  I am lucky enough to have some of the best catering staff in town, we put in long hours but I really enjoy making each event flow as seamlessly as possible. Plus I get to work with my wife as an added bonus.

What’s one big challenge you encounter on event days?
One of the biggest challenges we deal with on event days is simply trying to make sure everything is perfect.  Unlike most service industry jobs we don’t get second chances or the opportunity to fix a mistake with a repeat visit.  Because we do a majority of weddings we really find ourselves having to be on point almost all of the time.  I would say that with good communication, weekly meetings, and detailed timelines we do quite a fabulous job.

What’s the difference between a cocktail-style reception vs. other service styles?
A cocktail-style reception is one in which there is not seating for everyone and there are typically multiple stations with the idea of moving from station to station with a little conversation in between.  This service style usually uses small plates and has silverware and napkins at each food station.  This style of service usually suits younger guests who don’t expect or need a seat all night. While this style promotes conversation and mingling you do lose the formality of a sit down dinner with set tables and place settings.  Other service styles include, Buffet, Plated, and Family Style.  Each service style provides a different atmosphere for your event so decide the feel that you want and then choose your service style.

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