Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a big deal. It’s exciting to have a role in someone’s wedding and be there for the whole ride! But having this role comes with a lot of preparation, organization, and responsibility. Once the excitement starts to wear off from being asked to be in the wedding, you’ll realize what exactly the bride expected from you when she asked. It’s your job to remain positive from the wedding planning to the big day itself. We have included six tips for successfully helping the bride navigate the process.

1. Listen to her

You’re there to be your partner in crime’s sidekick and to help relieve any stress she might experience. It’s important to be a good listener so you can act on any concerns she might have in order to prevent any mental breakdowns from occurring. Tasks, such as finding the right centerpieces, can be stressful especially with so many options available through social platforms like Pinterest. Listening to what she wants and doesn’t want can help you narrow down her choices for her.

 2. Plan an amazing bachelorette party

Planning a fun bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be and help her blow off some steam! Start by compiling a list of guests she’d like to invite and find the right date that works for her. Make sure the party represents the bride and what she would want, not what you think she wants. Follow these simple steps to plan an amazing bachelorette party!

3. Take over some tasks

The bride cannot possibly do everything herself without losing her mind. Allow her to delegate certain tasks for you to cover to help ease the process. These tasks can be anything from  creating the welcome bags for the guests or even helping track down RSVP’s. Most of the time a bride will feel awkward delegating certain tasks to her bridesmaids because no bride wants to turn into “bridezilla.” As the maid or matron of honor, delegating these tasks to each of the bridesmaids will help the bride from having to do so. Trust us when we say that she will be grateful for not having to do it herself.

4. Help with last minute decor details

The last thing the bride should be doing the night before her wedding is putting together last minute DIY decor. As her bridesmaids, it’s important that you all take over these last few details so that the bride can focus on relaxing, de-stressing, and getting some rest for the big day. It can be ensuring the bathroom baskets are put together, the “Just Married” sticker is placed on their car, or even the photo booth props are all ready to go.

5. Be there for the bride as she gets ready

The bride may feel some last-minute stressors and become overwhelmed as she’s getting ready if she doesn’t feel she looks perfect. It’s essential that you help her relax and realize how beautiful she looks. Be there on hand with a wedding day survival kit filled with all the necessities. It can include stain remover, deodorant, perfume, and her daily medications like an inhaler and monthly contraceptive medication.

6. Be there for her pictures

From all of the talking, sipping, and hugging, the bride’s makeup won’t likely stand up perfectly all day. Be close-by as she gets her pictures taken so you can help with anything from adjusting her dress to makeup touch-ups. Consider keeping setting powder and her favorite lipstick in your bag all night. She’ll need you to be her mirror so that she can have some peace of mind and look perfect in her wedding photos.

Being a bridesmaid is a lot of work, but it’s worth it to make sure your friend’s wedding day is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.