#TrendAlert {Make Your Wedding Your Own} In the modern era of Instagram and Pinterest, it is so very easy to “fall in love” with all of the hot bridal trends. (And, for the record, we love the look of the current bridal trends. Who wouldn’t? Blush hues. Edison lights. Greenery. Gold accents.) Certainly there is nothing wrong with borrowing from these immense sources of inspiration. But in a cautionary tale to all brides, use Pinterest (or whatever your inspiration board of choice)…wisely. Without some thought and planning, you may find yourself trying to mix mason jar arrangements and lace accents with sequined table linens. And with that cringe-worthy thought in mind, there is one piece of advice we give to our couples on the regular…make your wedding your own – a reflection of you two and your relationship together.

So, ask yourself…What do we want our wedding to look and “feel” like? Are we a formal kind of pair or more relaxed? What’s our style? What’s important to us? (This one is really important for budget purposes.) In a word…know thy self. With those thoughts in mind, you can begin to make some choices. Here are just a few examples of how to “make your wedding your own”:

The simplest way is photos. Include pictures of the two of you, your family, grandparents, or pets. Bring your shared moments into the ceremony or reception space. (On a decor note, if you are including a collage of framed photos to display, have the pictures in monochromatic frames, for example: all dark wood or all off white.) And, of course, photos can be incorporated into the table centerpieces.

If there’s a hobby or interest like traveling you share with your S.O., you can incorporate your travels with maps and food selections.

Skip the trends and pick a color palette or flowers based on what YOU love. Trends are just that…your wedding day is timeless.

Know that the style of menu you choose will impact the feel, timeline, and number of seats required. For example, a festive “cocktail-style” wedding event should offer a stationed menu with seating for perhaps 50-75% of your guests, whereas, a more formal event will be better suited for a sit-down dinner and (obviously) seating for all of your guests.  Make sure this choice matches the “feel” you want for your reception.

Which brings us to our lovely real wedding {4.23.16}…Kristen and Matt. For starters, we cannot say enough about this couple. Two lovely people, clearly in love. And if that weren’t enough, we love their sense of personal style clearly reflected in everything from the color palette, vintage-inspired adornments, cocktail-style dinner, and understated decor. The emphasis for these two might be best described as a “wedding-inspired” party. The focus was not on an extensive bridal “must-have” list, but instead Matt and Kristen picked the things meaningful to the two of them. The color palette is eye-catching and bold. The florals are bright and peppered with succulent accents. The bride’s attire is vintage inspired, yet modern. Dinner was a stationed menu ideal for a “mix and mingle” feel, offering an array of food options for guests without the formality of sit-down dinners or buffet menus. Mix in a great DJ and a collection of their “nearest and dearest” and you have the makings of a very special wedding celebration. No need for fuss.

Feast Your Eyes (Gratitude for the images provided by Susie Linquist Photography)…

The Team of Professionals:

Ceremony: 128 South (Riverview Deck)Reception: 128 South

Caterer: 128 South Events & Catering

Day-Of Coordinator: 128 South (Katherine Thigpen)

Flowers: Fiore Fine Flowers

Photography: Susie Linquist Photography

DJ: DJ Brian Hood

Tent/Party Rentals: Party Suppliers

Lighting: High Performance Lighting

Pies: Apple Annie’s Bakeshop

Accommodations: Stemmerman’s Inn

Officiant: Rev. Penelope Morningstar